Next-gen consoles get 60 fps 'Destiny 2' on December 8th

Destiny 2 next-gen fov slider console

Destiny 2 next-gen fov slider console

Destiny 2 will arrive on Sony and Microsoft's new consoles as a free update, and will support 4K and 60FPS for PS5 and Xbox Series X, improved loading times, and cross-generation gameplay.

Bungie announced that the next-generation optimization upgrades for Destiny 2: Beyond Light will arrive on December 8. Cross-generational play will also be supported within the same console family, so PlayStation players can all play together, and Xbox players can still play with their friends too, no matter if they decide to upgrade or not. However, there are still some load times that are dependent on networking and matchmaking speeds.

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Some major expanded graphical features will likely be part of Destiny 2's upcoming debut on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, including FOV controls, 60FPS, and 4K support. Among one of the biggest changes is that regardless of what next-gen console you play on, Destiny 2 will feature a new field-of-vision (FOV) silder, which will allow players to expand just how much horizontal real estate can be observed at a glance in the game. Bungie says its goal is to offer a similar field of view range as what's available through the PC version of the game, where you can adjust the slider between 55 and 105 degrees. Bungie is continuing to test the settings across each platform and will have more details as the launch date gets closer.

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