Respawn Entertainment unveils 'Apex Legends' Season 7 plans

Apex Legends Season 7 Launch Trailer Debuts Tomorrow

Apex Legends Season 7 Launch Trailer Debuts Tomorrow

Horizon, our new hero, travelled across space to find crystals which would fix her kingdom's energy crisis, only to be betrayed by a jealous scientist.

With season seven of Apex Legends fast approaching, Respawn Entertainment has begun revealing what will be included.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game that was expected to arrive later this year has been pushed back to 2021. Tomorrow's launch trailer should provide a glimpse at Horizon's in-game abilities and showcase the landscape of her home city, Olympus. Past weeks have seen anti-gravity beacons placed near towers, accessible after completing Horizon's tasks in the current season.

The Season 7 of Apex Legends is known as Ascension. She is detailed as a "brilliant astrophysicist who escaped a black hole and aims to use her newfound mastery of gravity to keep a promise".

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You can see a shot of the entire Apex Legends Olympus map in the latest trailer as Mirage takes a peek out of the dropship cockpit when they fly over.

So that it will be possible for the players to play Apex Legends in whichever way they feel comfortable whether it is a gaming console or PC.

Lastly, there will also be a fresh battle pass coupled with a new ranked season. While the Kings Canyon and World's Edge maps come with mayhem and Mad Max vibes, Olympus is much cleaner. The Trident will introduce a new way to explore Olympus, implying that it might be quite a large map this time around. However, we still have to know about the real details that will be announced by Respawn soon. You must know that the Apex Legends game is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC. Apex Legends is now playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Origin and soon on Steam).

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