Study Suggests Coronavirus Can Cause Major Cognitive Decline

Study 82% of Corona patients suffer from a deficiency of this

Study 82% of Corona patients suffer from a deficiency of this

The Department of Health is merely collecting and validating COVID-19 test results from all over the country, a health official said Friday following a poll highlighting Filipinos' lack of trust on government data.

Researchers have reported that some patients recovered from Covid-19 could still carry the virus, suggesting that recovered patients should be more cautious and avoid close contact with others.

Despite the promising studies, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has yet to make any declarative statement on the use of vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19, stating that there is now "insufficient data to recommend either for or against" the use of the vitamin.

The predictive model being developed through the DETECT study still needs more work before it can be deployed in the real-world so Jennifer Radin, a Scripps epidemiologist leading the study, is calling for citizen scientists to download the free app and anonymously offer their wearable data to help accelerate the research project. "We have so much more research to do and that's going to require many more participants".

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan, Senior Infectious Diseases Specialist, said: "Post recovery of Covid-19, we have observed serious lung complications, heart attacks, stroke and vascular complications in patients, even after 3-6 months of recovery".

Freeman said that while the registry primarily tracked dermatological symptoms, they did also keep track of other symptoms that people with confirmed coronavirus cases were experiencing. "That's the ultimate goal".

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And, although they didn't establish an association between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of COVID-19, the study's authors noted that the group of hospitalized patients who had been taking oral supplements prior to admission had slightly more favourable outcomes than those who didn't take supplements before they were admitted to hospital, including lower ferritin levels, a decreased need for the immunosuppressive drug tocilizumab, and lower ICU admissions. "People who had recovered, including those no longer reporting symptoms, exhibited significant cognitive deficits".

As of June 7, 30,529 individuals had enrolled in the study, with representation from every USA state. There was no significant difference between patients with positive and negative test results in terms of age or sex.

The predictive model under development in DETECT might someday help public health officials spot coronavirus hotspots early.

"We know that common screening practices for the coronavirus can easily miss pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic cases", says Jennifer Radin, PhD, an epidemiologist at the Scripps Research Translational Institute who is leading the study.

The DETECT team is now actively recruiting more participants for this important research. In addition, Radin and her colleagues plan to incorporate data from frontline essential workers who are at an especially high risk of infection.

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