‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Episode 15 Recap: "Gimme Shelter"

Courtesy of The CW

Courtesy of The CW

Supernatural airs tonight on the CW with an all-new Monday, October 15, 2020, season 15 episode 15 called "Gimme Shelter", and we have your Supernatural recap below. The last season of Supernatural is airing on The CW. Supernatural Alum Matt Cohen? She is dirty. They want to ask her to leave but the pastor tells them to have compassion.

Back at the Community Center, Jack walks in and asks to join to help, and is handed some paperwork, where he talks to one of the girls, Sylvia. Later, that same friend, is seen walking down an alley in the city, where he trips over a teddy bear that speaks to him. Suddenly, he is strangled by an unseen force. Cas refuses to see him die again, but Jack reminds him that it is not his choice and asks him not to say anything to Sam or Dean. Dean thinks he may have found Amara in Atlantic City. Dean tells him they are going anyway and talks Cas and Jack into going out on their own case. In a pretty good display of character development, Castiel plays his fake role as an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent perfectly, while Jack does the upside-down badge thing Cas had done so long ago. A video from a camera across the street showed someone in a mask attacking the boy, and Jack points out, "It's nearly demonic". Meanwhile, another woman named Valerie is attacked by what appears to be the same person who hurt Conner. Sam hesitates to prepare her for her own death, but there aren't any better options. What are they going to do to get rid of Amara? Cas tells the Pastor about Valerie Jones, the woman who was taken from the parking lot of the Community Center.

Back with Cas and Jack, Jack breaks down a door as they look into one of the suspects, Brother Rudy. And although Chuck later threw her in the cage, she believes it hurt him deeply, and doing this to him would be torture. They were close before. Sylvia explains that her and the boy from the beginning, Connor, dated before and he was always there for her. Jack shares the fact that he's lost someone too, his mother, and Sylvia shares the sentiment, that her mother also died three years ago - but that her father is the Pastor. Jack also learns that Sylvia is angry at her father, who spends more time in his inclusive-style of faith than with her. He discovers that she is the pastor's daughter. During a Pierogi lunch at a nearby diner, Dean explains that they need their help to catch Chuck, but Amara refuses to betray her brother, who is nearly ready to destroy the other universes.

Valerie continues to be tortured while Amara invites Sam and Dean to lunch. They awkwardly accept. Jack is accepted into the church. Cas arrives and also speaks with everyone, telling them how he once was lost.

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Sam and Dean tell Amara all about how they want to trap Chuck. The two try to convince her to help them, but she refuses, sharing just how connected her and Chuck are. Dean says that Amara wanted to bring Mary back to show him something, to teach him something, but that it came to a not-so-happy ending and that Mary is dead.

Sam and Dean head to leave but Dean has one more question for Amara. "Amara asks if she can trust him". He's okay with dying because he thinks this is the only way Dean and Sam will forgive him for killing Mary. They are all hamsters. Dean tells Amara angrily that she's just, "another cosmic dick", like her brother. It appears she may be hiding a dark side. Her friend tells the pastor all about her. Jack and the pastor find his daughter. She has a knife. Jack tells her to let him go, as Sylvia stabs Jack, but sees a gold glow, and Jack remains unaffected. Fortunately, Cas can have Sylvie euthanized and heal two of the victims.

Reluctantly, Castiel agrees to do so and he and his son - yeah, the episode really stresses on how Jack is basically his child - head off to Missouri. Valerie and the pastor wonder what Cas is. After the police arrive, Cas and Jack hit the road to head home.

Jack's own issues are made clear once he finds himself unable to introduce himself as the community's newest member, leading to Castiel bailing him out by speaking instead. He will go off like a bomb.

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