TikTok US Ban: US Court Agrees to Expedite Government Appeal

TikTok says rivals taking advantage of Trump's ban threat

TikTok says rivals taking advantage of Trump's ban threat

On 27th September, the US District Judge Carl Nichols in Washington issued a preliminary injunction that barred the US Commerce Department from ordering Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores for download by new users.

At that time, TikTok's lawyer argued in the court that it was an illogical decision by the government to ban the app when owner ByteDance was discussing a deal with American firms.

A federal judge in San Francisco prevented similar restrictions from taking effect, which would prevent the use of Tencent's WeChat app.

Shuttering the app on November 12 as now scheduled would also "destroy" TikTok's relationships with advertisers and cause a "massive decrease" in the amount of content available on the platform globally, which would hurt its ability to attract and retain users, the company argues.

TikTok on Wednesday (Oct 14) asked Nichols to issue an injunction against proposed rules forbidding companies from providing the underlying web services that make the app accessible in the US.

If those prohibitions go into effect on Nov 12, people who now have TikTok installed on their phones would still be able to use it, but the app's functionality would degrade over time.

Nichols plans to hold a November 4 hearing on whether to allow the USA government to bar transactions with TikTok that it has warned would effectively ban the app's use in the United States.

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"There would be permanent, devastating harm to TikTok's user base and competitive position", the company said, "even if the government ban were to be lifted after a period of weeks or months".

The company also said that the U.S. government has failed to produce any evidence to suggest that TikTok source code has ever been compromised or used for malicious purposes.

Moreover, the government has not provided any evidence to support the claims that Beijing has ever obtained access to any US user data, TikTok lawyers said.

As reported by Reuters, the usa appeals court has asked that all written briefs are handed in by November 12th, the opportunity to give verbal evidence will come at a later date. The government is expected to file its arguments by 23rd October with oral arguments set for 4th November.

TikTok claims that competitors are trying to capitalize on the Trump administration's efforts to ban the popular video-sharing app in the US.

Negotiations are underway for Walmart and Oracle to take stakes in a new company, TikTok Global, that would oversee United States operations. ByteDance has also said any deal will need to be approved by China. The White House confirms that the application TikTok raises national security concerns, as the Chinese government can obtain personal data that has been collected from the 100 million Americans who use the application.

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