Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla argue over captaincy task

Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14

Love is a very rare thing and people who get it are very lucky as they get a chance to spend their life with a person who they love. The housemates can try and disturb them from the outside and force them to come out of the box. The last remaining contestant will be chosen as the captain.

As the task begins, other housemates try their best to ensure that the four captaincy hopefuls leave their boxes.

This is followed by Eijaz topples over Pavitra's box and eliminating himself from the race. From spraying deodorants to throwing water, housemates try every trick in the book to have the four contestants leave the boxes.

The makers of Bigg Boss released a promo in which it is shown that the contestants of the BB house are made to stay inside a box and others are trying to make them come out and throw them out of the captaincy race. Along with a lot of support from her friends in the industry, Kavita has also received a lot of backlashes. A defiant Kavitra refused to leave the box as the housemates told Jaan to calm down. Rahul Vaidya has been named the sanchalak of the task. Previously, the captaincy task was led by Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya and it was aborted and now in the new task, only four captains have the authority to participate. Eijaz eliminated his own representative Pavitra Punia after he felt Rahul Vaidya, the Sanchalak of the task, had pre-decided who will be the victor of the captaincy task. From taking personal jibes at one another to trash talking, both the contestants showed their endurance and strength in the task. And now, it is learnt that Kavita is the new captain of the house.

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Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces that it's been more than 24 hours for the task to start and it is Rahul's decision to declare the deserving victor.

In a clip from the show, Aly, Jasmin and Eijaz are seen requesting Disha to send her answer to Rahul's proposal.

Keep watching this space for latest updates on Bigg Boss 14.

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