Rachel Maddow returns to air, describes partner’s virus bout

Rachel Maddow Reveals Longtime Love Susan Mikula Almost Died From COVID-19

Rachel Maddow Reveals Longtime Love Susan Mikula Almost Died From COVID-19

"And that's why I've been away", Maddow explained.

Maddow returned to her program tonight, and she talked about her absence.

"If you know anything about me off of TV, if you know me personally, then you know the foremost thing about me is that I am in love", she began.

"What you need to know is that whoever is the most important person in your life, whoever you most love and most care for and most cherish in the world, that's the person who you may lose", Maddow said bluntly. You are just going to have to have it at home, without having people over.

Maddow's message comes the week before Thanksgiving in the US, where many health officials are urging people to not travel or gather in large groups for the holiday to prevent the spread of the virus. For those who decide to celebrate despite the risk, doctors recommend quarantining and getting tested before the holiday.

Her comments came as coronavirus cases continued to rise across the United States. Across the country, almost 81,000 people are hospitalized with the virus, and Thursday was the ninth consecutive day that hospitals reported a record high number of admissions, The Washington Post reported.

In an impassioned broadcast that has now gone viral, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow revealed she was exposed to COVID-19 by her long-time partner, Susan Mikula.

"She's not only been positive over this time, she's gotten sicker and sicker while I tried to care for her while still staying physically apart from her", Maddow said. "And the only way to ensure that is to ensure that you do not get infected".

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Rachel then shared that Susan is "recovering" from the virus, but admitted that it was "scary as hell" to think she could almost lose the love of her life. It will be the person you most care about in the world, and how can you bear that?

Maddow said Susan tested positive two weeks ago and they separated that day. Maddow said she's tested negative so far for the virus.

The MSNBC host said she would give anything to trade places with her partner and be the one with the virus.

Mikula is still recovering, Maddow said Thursday.

'Believe me, whatever you have calculated into your life as acceptable risk, as inevitable risk - something that you're willing to go through because of this virus because statistically, hey, probably it will be fine for you and your loved ones.

Though Mikula is expected to recover, Maddow said the experience has still been devastating.

"This thing is scary as hell and whatever you've been willing to do to risk getting it, don't", she said. "You can't say I'm willing to just get it myself and play the odds, you don't get that choice".

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