The Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower Will Be Visible From This Weekend

STARGAZERS are in for a double treat this week with the peak of the Eta Aquarids meteor showers and May's full Moon, which will be the third consecutive Supermoon.

Here's everything you need to know to catch the astronomical spectacles. It is best seen from Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South America, where gazers may see as many as 40 "falling stars" in the sky.

The Eta Aquarids is one of two meteor showers created by debris from Comet Halley.

The Orionids are the second meteor shower and are visible in October.

Dr. Bashir Marzouk (the expert astronomer at the Qatar Calendar House) stated that the meteor shower of Eta Al-Dlawiyat (Eta Aquarid) is a distinctive meteor shower, because the rate of falling in the sky at its peak reaches 50 meteors per hour according to the estimate of astronomers who specialize in meteor monitoring, while meteors are active / Eta Al-Dalwiyat / annually during the period from April 19 to May 28 of each year, but it reaches its climax between the fifth and sixth of May of each year.

While the meteors appear to originate from Aquarius, they are best seen 30 degrees away from origin, so be sure to keep careful watch across the whole sky. After about 20 to 30 minutes, the eyes will become accustomed to the darkness and begin to see the meteors.

Thankfully, the Southern Hemisphere is ideally placed for the spectacle, and celestial fans should be able to catch it from their own backyards, without having to leave home.

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It can be very helpful if you try to locate the radiant or the exact point at which the meteors will be appearing to emanate, which will be inside the Aquarius constellation in the eastern sky.

Although the meteor shower will be visible in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is a more preferable viewing spot. It is the fourth super moon and final for 2020.

Halley's Comet shower is the most spectacular for viewers in the southern hemisphere. It last visited the inner solar system in 1986 and will return again in 2061. The term is used for a full moon when it is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit.

It was named the Flower Moon by early Native American tribes.

Super moon over Bondi Beach. Keep in mind that the moon really isn't any bigger than it usually is, it's just our minds playing tricks on us.

Hobby astronomer and founder of Under Lucky Stars Zoltan Toth-Czifra says spectators won't need a pair of binoculars or a telescope to catch it.

With people isolating and expelling less pollution, the view will be clearer than usual - depending on cloud cover in your city. Lie flat on your backs and give your eyes a bit of time to adjust to the darkness.

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