Travis Scott Gets Flirtatious In Kylie Jenner's IG Comments

Kim Kardashian becomes a beautiful Ice Queen with a fascinating outfit

Kim Kardashian becomes a beautiful Ice Queen with a fascinating outfit

Another detail is that, being around Christmas time, and she was mentioning her new makeup line "Grinch Collection", Kylie chose to wear a very small swimsuit, which certainly has nothing to do with it, nor does it have anything allusive with Christmas or with the theme of the new makeup line of the businesswoman.

"What are we baking today, Storm?" the mother-of-one asked, to which her daughter immediately replied, "We're making cupcakes!" In one of Kylie's recent posts, she is wearing a red bikini that was meant to promote her upcoming Grinch collection.

Stormi couldn't contain her excitement throughout the video as she helped her mom - and good for reason.

The Crystal Collection line for Kim: "Still one of my favorites and I can't wait for you to experience three new Crystal scents in our popular 30ml bottles, just in time for the holidays!"

Kylie replied: 'I love you more'.

Interestingly, the two-year-old Jenner is not done praising her mom.

This publication already has more than a million and a half likes, as well as thousands of comments in which they flatter her beauty and curvy figure, in addition, she included a preview of what she has prepared, some lipsticks, shadows, lip color pencils and blushes that are already being sought by everyone, but can only be purchased on their official KKW Beauty page.

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While the reality star turned girl boss is busy decorating the cupcake, Stormi said, "You are attractive".

"Are we not going to talk about how nice, polite and adorable Stormi is", one wrote, while the other subscriber mentioned, "Stormi isn't even three yet but her articulation is outta this World".

And, as if that weren't enough, in the latter where she appears with her tender daughter, as is Kylie's custom, both wear the same outfit, which, this time the outfit was chosen was striped pajamas in shades of green, while they were still in his elegant kitchen.

"Stormi saying, "you're so beautiful" made my heart sooo weak that was so cute".

The cupcakes aren't the only thing that make the video enjoyable, though.

Once they had a few decorated cupcakes, Stormi took a hearty bite out of hers, while Kylie used a fork to extract a modest morsel so as not to get it on her face.

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