Biden fills Yellen-led economy team, risks clash on budget chief

President-elect Joe Biden has nominated labor economist Cecilia Rouse seen here in 2016 to head his Council of Economic Advisers

President-elect Joe Biden has nominated labor economist Cecilia Rouse seen here in 2016 to head his Council of Economic Advisers

Biden also announced his intent to nominate Adewale Adeyemo, a former senior adviser at BlackRock Inc., to be deputy Treasury secretary.

A wide-range of Republican senators are shrugging off President Trump's evidence-free claims that mass voter fraud cost him the election, ignoring their party leader's relentless attacks over a foundation of American democracy amid their growing expectation that the matter will be resolved within two weeks - without their involvement.

"To recover, we must restore the American dream - a society where each person can rise to their potential and dream even bigger for their children", the 74-year-old labor market expert tweeted, adding, "As Treasury Secretary, I will work every day towards rebuilding that dream for all".

If confirmed, Yellen would be the first woman to be treasury secretary. She has previously been confirmed by the Senate as a member of the CEA in 2009.

Yellen, upon taking over from Ben Bernanke as Fed chief in 2014, became the first woman to lead the US central bank under the Obama administration.

Hailing from NY, she also headed the Council of Economic Advisers from 1997 to 1999 under then President Bill Clinton after serving as a member of the Fed's board of governors.

Trump inciting election violence — Georgia official
He added: "Be the bigger man here, and stop, step in, tell your supporters, don't be violent, don't intimidate". We won't apologize for addressing the obvious issues with the way our state conducts its elections.

All are outspoken supporters of more government stimulus spending to boost growth - which Biden embraced on the campaign trail - though their proposals could face a hard reception in Congress, which has stalemated on a new round of economic relief for months now. Janet will be the first woman to hold this office. "This job is about advising the President on how to rebuild and revive our economy". "But so far it's not good".

President-elect Joe Biden's pick to head the Office and Management Budget, Neera Tanden, oversaw a flood of foreign money as head of one of Washington's most prominent liberal think tanks.

Rouse also worked in the Obama administration as a member of the CEA and is now dean of Princeton University's School of Public and International Affairs.

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases spiking and the nation's job market struggling to pull itself out of the abyss caused by the pandemic, President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday is set to formally announce the advisers he hopes can guide the United States back to solid economic footing. Adeyemo was deputy chief of staff to Jack Lew when he was Treasury secretary and was the first chief of staff of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Elizabeth Warren. Bernstein and Boushey would be council members. Heather Boushey is a distinguished economist focused on economic inequality and the President, CEO, and co-founder of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Other nominees and appointees include Cecilia Rouse, who was selected to be chair of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Biden's team will inherit a USA economy rocked this year by the coronavirus pandemic, and will have to try to sustain its revival.

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