ICC Doesn't Have Mandate To Influence India-Pakistan Bilateral Ties: Greg Barclay

ICC Doesnt Have Mandate To Influence India Pakistan Bilateral Ties Greg Barclay

ICC Doesnt Have Mandate To Influence India Pakistan Bilateral Ties Greg Barclay

While the cricketing world is definitely missing one of the most fiercest rivalries in the game, Greg Barclays has conceded that there is not much the ICC could do.

The newly appointed chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Greg Barclay has claimed that he intends on doing his best to bring India and Pakistan closer in terms of cricketing matters while admitting that the sport's governing body did not have the mandate to influence bilateral ties to a significant degree. The matches were scheduled to be played over two years, with the top two teams vying for the final in June 2021 at Lord's.

Brought in after years of discussion in a bid to lend context to bilateral series, the idea has had a bumpy start due to the uneven nature of global schedules and mass cancellations in the pandemic forcing a change to the points system.

Even as India have more points, Australia's percentage point stands at 82.2.

Barclay said, 'From an idealistic point of view, it was quite good, but practically I too do not agree with it. My personal view is: "let's get through the little bit that we can taking into account - (the break induced by) Covid-19 and the ability to reallocate points", he said. "The COVID has probably highlighted its shortcomings of the championship", Barclay, who took charge earlier this month, said during a virtual media conference for wire services.

"...But once we have done that, let's go back to the drawing board as I am not quite sure whether it (WTC) entirely fits the objective and has achieved what it meant to after being conceptualised four to five years back".

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"Like everything it's kind of up for grabs and we'll have a look at it".

Barclay emphasizes on the nations which can't afford to play Test cricket.

"...It's an incredibly hard juggling act to get in there and also, we need to have enough conversations regarding players' health safety". What I would say is that the money flows as a effect of getting a whole lot of other things done. I don't think we have had enough conversations.

"Very few countries can make it work from a financial point of view", Barclay spoke in regards to the crux of the matter.

Barclay also vowed to be a champion of women's cricket, which suffers a greater internal divide between the haves and have-nots than the men's game internationally and has been noticeably slower to get back up and running in the pandemic. "So, I think we can all assume that we are important contributing members of the organisation, and I have no doubt that it would continue to be the case", he said. It's not just financial investment, it's behavioural and attitudinal changes that need to be made. We need to to invest a lot more in women's cricket. "The ICC will do whatever it can to help facilitate and support an outcome that might see that happen", he averred.

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