Rebel Wilson Details Her ‘Triangle Of Health’ Process After Losing 60 Pounds!

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is fast wrapping up her "Year of Health" and to celebrate she posted a handsome swimming pool selfie on Instagram.

"I'm working on self love, and that's a hard concept to master".

"Before i used to be probably eating 3,000 calories most days, and since they were normally carbs, i might still be hungry", she said.

Rebel went Live on Instagram to discuss her weight loss.

She added: "I wrote a little letter to myself about how I'm really gonna give it my all this year, and then I did".

In a second picture, Rebel flaunted her slimmed-down figure in a strapless swimsuit as she took a dip in the aqua blue waters of the clinic's pool.

And as she spoke about what had inspired her to shed the pounds, Rebel also revealed her romance with Busch has been going for well over a year. "Nutritionally, the only thing is I do try to stay under 1,500 calories because of my body type", she said.

"If want to lose weight in that week, I kind of have to stay under the 1,500 each day".

But Rebel said "it was time" for her to make her health a priority, pointing out that she's been "overweight for about 20 years".

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In one of the biggest revelations, Wilson opened up about the time she "almost died", which also happened to be when she was at her thinnest.

She added: 'I was thinking about fertility and having good quality eggs in the bank, so I was like - OK, I'm going to do this. I'm going to get healthy'.

The actress went on to explain that another very important reason why she wanted to get healthy this year, was because she wanted to freeze her eggs, enabling her to start her own family in the future.

The Pitch Perfect star has lost an estimated 28kg since the start of the year, hitting her goal of 75kg (165 lbs) last month.

'Achieve my goal in more than a month!

'I needed a tangible measurement to have as a goal and that was 75kg'. Her story is truly inspirational to many. She even set her calorie intake to 2,500 per day. Among other things, Rebel says she has a lot of salmon, chicken breast, and protein shakes. "It just makes you feel, like, really strong".

As fans know, the actress spent this year focusing on her health and she's definitely had great results!

"I'm really glad I did it because I think it was time".

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