Black box retrieved from Indonesian plane crash

Divers recover 'black box' from crashed Indonesia jet

Divers recover 'black box' from crashed Indonesia jet

The NTSC chairman, Soerjanto Tjahjono, ruled out a possible mid-air breakup after seeing the condition of the wreckage found by searchers.

JAKARTA: The flight data recorder (FDR) of an Indonesian plane that crashed into the Java Sea with 62 people on board at the weekend, was retrieved by divers on Tuesday.

The Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 bound for Pontianak in West Kalimantan Province crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from an airport outside Jakarta.

The searchers, assisted by 13 helicopters, 54 large ships, and 20 small boats, have found parts of the plane and have sent scores of body bags containing human remains to police identification experts who on Monday identified their first victim. The locator beacons on both boxes were dislodged by the force of impact.

Search teams are engaged in a 24-hour effort to find the flight recorders (black boxes) in an attempt to determine what happened to the aircraft. It will, however, take two to five days to extract the information contained within it.

The plane was a Boeing Co 737-500. In Indonesia, which has about 850,000 Covid-19 cases and just had its deadliest day of the outbreak, available seat capacity on domestic airline routes is 32% below pre-pandemic levels, according to OAG Aviation Worldwide.

Flight SJ182 was not on its assigned heading but the pilots did not respond to queries from air traffic control about the change. A few seconds later, it disappeared from radar.

Once the flight data and cockpit voice recorders are recovered, Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) has said it expects to be able to read the information in three days.

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Officials organise debris from the crashed plane.

The 26-year-old Boeing 737-500 had resumed commercial flights last month after nearly nine months out of service because of flight cutbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Max was grounded globally after two crashes, including a Lion Air flight in October 2018 that also plummeted into the Java Sea.

Authorities have said damaged engine parts indicate the aircraft was still functioning down to 250ft.

Sriwijaya Air Flight 182, which was carrying 50 passengers including 10 children, and 12 crew members, crashed into the ocean around four minutes after take-off. The flight was delayed for 56 minutes, according to FlightRadar24, as heavy rain lashed the Indonesian capital.

The Aviation Herald reported the aircraft had departed Soekarno International Airport at 2:36 pm local time, climbed through 1700 feet and was cleared to 29,000 feet.

Weather has been a factor in several crashes in Indonesia, one of the world's fastest-growing aviation markets. "The cockpit voice recorder.can also be found". Another crash in the Java Sea occurred in December 2014: an AirAsia Group Bhd jet with 162 people on board.

So far, the searchers have sent almost 90 body bags containing human remains to police identification experts and anguished family members have been providing samples for DNA tests to the disaster victim identification unit who on Tuesday said they had identified four victims. Still, both pilots of the Sriwijaya Air flight were experienced and the carrier has a solid safety record. The restrictions state foreigners are barred from entering the country before Jan 28.

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