Charles Barkley Thinks Pro Athletes Should Skip Line for Vaccine

2019 NBA Awards- Arrivals

2019 NBA Awards- Arrivals

"I think they should let the National Basketball Association players and coaches all get the vaccine that's just my personal opinion".

Barkley met immediate resistance from the rest of the panel, namely co-host Kenny Smith, who asked if athletes deserve preferential treatment for "For life and death?"

In a segment on "Inside the NBA" said pro athletes - he specifically mentioned NFL, NBA and National Hockey League - should not have to wait until the vaccine is widely available, something that is likely to not occur until summer.

Barkley says it's only fair after all because professional athletes pay more tax than the general public so they deserve it.

Health care workers, first responders and the elderly are all in line to get the initial doses of the coronavirus vaccine first, but Charles Barkley offered a different idea Thursday. We need 300 million shots. Giving a thousand to some National Basketball Association players, NFL players, hockey players ...

Washington State Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine
Gavin Newsom visited the Los Angeles hospital and watched doses being given to health care workers. Katie Passaretti became the first person in the state to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

So, in reality, Barkley is arguing that people who make more money should get "preferential treatment" on vaccines.

"We can't go there", Smith cautioned. "Sports has suffered as much as any economic endeavour, so there's a combination of enlightened self-interest to get involved and play their part".

However, Barkley's comments come as leagues like the NFL and National Basketball Association have vowed not to "skip the line" to get vaccines.

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