Link's first Wi-Fi 6E routers are coming this year

TP-Link’s first Wi Fi 6E routers are coming this year

TP-Link’s first Wi Fi 6E routers are coming this year

TP-Link says all of these new products will become available throughout 2021, but it has not disclosed pricing at this time. This product, in particular, bore a striking resemblance to the Hello Nest doorbell as many people commented.

This was not the only Kasa produced that TP-Link announced. The first units are expected to start shipping in the third quarter of the year. Due to the CES 2021, several routers are being presently announced during this week.

AX6000 Ceiling Mount Tri-Band WiFi 6 Access Point - EAP680 HD that delivers astonishing wireless speeds of up to 6 Gbps powered by the latest WiFi 6 technology with a 10G Ethernet port supported by an 802.3bt PoE++ power supply. At the same time, with the product with built-in Alexa, users can manage their homes without the need for a separate smart speaker.

Some have questioned how much this will actually be a draw for consumers.

TP-Link adds voice control to its newest mesh WiFi router

TP-Link is announcing its first routers with support for Wi-Fi 6E, a huge new upgrade to Wi-Fi that quadruples the available airwaves for faster speeds and more reliable connections.

For more niche shoppers willing to go all out for next-generation internet speeds, TP-Link has also developed the AX7800 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6E System, or Deco X96.

Archer AX206 also features a pure 6 GHz band for dedicated Wi-Fi 6E, enabling a cleaner, broader 6 GHz band for unstoppable transmission. The latter of which comes with a built-in smart home hub.

AX7800 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6E System - Deco X96 operates on the 6 GHz Band, a newly opened frequency that brings more bandwidth and lower latency. The company has plans to release the Archer AX96 in the latter stages of 2021. But most importantly, while older wifi protocols were backward compatible, no legacy devices will be able to use the new 6GHz band, only new devices that support it. So far, Netgear and T-Link have announced their high-end routers that include new tech. "With our growing portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 solutions, customers of all kinds can enjoy streamlined and seamless mesh connectivity with efficient AX performance". The top speeds it will theoretically allow will be on par with what the 5 GHz band offers, but the real benefit of the 6 GHz band is that will offer 59 non-overlapping channels (compared to 25 non-overlapping channels on the 5 GHz band, and just three channels on the 2.4 GHz band) which will dramatically reduce interference that's a major contributor to reduced bandwidth speeds on a crowded network. Plume won the Wi-Fi NOW Awards for Best In-Home Wi-Fi Solution and Best Service Provider Wi-Fi Solution at the 2020 Wi-Fi NOW Awards Gala on December 9, 2020.

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