Oculus is launching multi-user accounts and app sharing next month

Oculus Quest 2 will finally add secondary accounts and app sharing for families

Oculus Quest 2 will finally add secondary accounts and app sharing for families

The Facebook account requirements for Quest 2 were ControversialAnd, not surprisingly, nothing has changed here - secondary account users will have to log in with their Facebook account. But at least you'll be able to play games without messing up other people's save points.

The primary account holder can add secondary accounts and share the apps with secondary accounts.

The blog writes, "Not only will this enable safe sharing, but game progress and achievements will be personalized and saved separately for each account." the company believes that this latest update can make VR a more optimal experience for their users.

According to Oculus, starting in February users will be able to add up to three additional accounts to their devices, then share apps between them. The primary account holders can add up to three secondary accounts and enable App Sharing on a single device.

The company has announced that two requested features, multi-user accounts and app sharing will see an experimental launch next month.

Technically, Quest app sharing will be optional.

Developers will find that from February 13th 2021, their apps will automatically be enrolled in the sharing program. There is one caveat in that you need to have a Facebook account to properly use it.

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We knew you need a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest, and that deleting your Facebook account deletes your games, but we'd hoped that secondary accounts wouldn't be held to the same restriction.

The bad news is for those who did not feel comfortable with the requirement to have a Facebook account to use the new Oculus. They'll have to continue to play on their parents' primary account.

Practically every other major console manufacturer or games library has some form of child account and family sharing option. The shared account can not be accessed on a new device of the secondary account holder. And the Oculus VR App Sharing feature, which will share apps with others on the shared device.

This also means that unfortunately, children below 13 years olds, who by default can not have facebook, also can not access multi-user features.

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