Scott Pilgrim vs The World finally lands on Stadia this week

Scott Pilgrim vs The World finally lands on Stadia this week

Scott Pilgrim vs The World finally lands on Stadia this week

The game has been released for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia and the launch trailer has many excited about the game. Which is exactly as it should be. After a decade, the video game is now available in numerous platforms.

In order to celebrate the happy return of Scott, Ramona, Kim, Wallace and, of course, the seven evil exes, Limited Run Games will be holding a live stream later this evening, showing off both the game itself and its respective merchandise. It all fits very well with a 16-bit style game.

Players have the ability to punch, jump and kick, and to pick up a lot of objects to use as weapons, whether it is a snowball or a baseball bat. There are even level and character select screens ripped straight out of the 8-bit Super Mario games, and Street Fighter-style auto smashing mini-games.

The gameplay of this is very solid, just like "Streets of Rage 4". But, like the movie version of Scott Pilgrim, it's also incredibly stylish. You can fight enemies while checking out the handsome pixel art and to listen to the catchy soundtrack. You can play it on the PS5 through backwards compatibility.

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The Limited Editions of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: "The Game" is set in Toronto, Canada, just like the movie.

Boss fights, Subspace areas where you can score some extra rewards, and shops where you spend coin from bashing up enemies all provide nice breaks in the levels, although the game generally feels best when you're thundering through baddies as fast as you can. Creator Brian Lee O'Malley's Canadian hero found greatness on the silver screen via a brilliant Edgar Wright-directed film before the main series even wrapped up, and even managed to crack out a fondly-remembered beat 'em up on the Xbox 360 and PS3 era. The books hold up well, and the movie went from a box-office bomb to a cult classic; Kid Cudi even sampled it on his most recent album.

The game has now reached its 10-year anniversary and the developers are offering something exciting for the fans to enjoy with the new Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game to commemorate this milestone.

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