Washington State Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine

Washington State Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine

Washington State Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration said that a second potential COVID-19 vaccine, developed by Moderna, appears safe and highly effective.

The vaccine, developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, was approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization on Friday, with the first doses arriving in California on Sunday.

Currently, health-care workers and nursing-home residents will be getting the vaccine since they are at a higher risk of contracting the virus than any other age or occupational group. The FDA is expected to issue its decision soon thereafter.

That projection assumes swift authorization of Moderna's vaccine later this week.

Staff at Henry Ford told 7 Action News its first vaccine shipment for frontline workers could arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday.

A few other countries have authorized the vaccine, including Britain, which started vaccinating people last week, and Canada, which began doing so on Monday.

Premier Francois Legault announced on Twitter that Gisele Levesque had received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at the Saint-Antoine residence. Thousands of additional doses will begin arriving at many US hospitals.

Washington State Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine

On Monday, healthcare workers at two MI hospitals got their first dose of the shot - at the University of MI and Spectrum Health Butterworth in Grand Rapids.

Packed in dry ice to stay at ultra-frozen temperatures, the first of almost 3 million doses being shipped are a down payment on the amount needed. Each vaccination requires two doses.

With the first doses of Covid-19 vaccine being administered across the United States, questions abound about who can safely get them.

Gov. Gavin Newsom visited the Los Angeles hospital and watched doses being given to health care workers. If it turns out people need regular Covid vaccine boosters, for instance, it's likely they would be administered when people get their flu shots.

On Monday morning, Atrium's Medical Director of Infection Prevention Dr. Katie Passaretti became the first person in the state to be vaccinated for Covid-19. About two-thirds of those doses would be the Moderna vaccine. It found that 15% are opposed to a vaccine under any circumstances and 9% said they will only be inoculated if it's required for work, school or other activities.

In an interview with a USA newspaper, Lindsay said, "That was a goal today.not to be the first one to take the vaccine but to inspire people who look like me, who are sceptical in general about taking vaccines".

"Many Americans who are hesitant are simply reserving judgment before they are ready to get vaccinated", KFF Executive Vice President Mollyann Brodie said.

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