USCIS Reverts to the 2008 Version of the Naturalization Civics Test



Citing President Biden's Executive Order 14012 directive to "eliminate barriers and make the [naturalization] process more accessible to all eligible" applicants, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it is scrapping the current version of the civics test that naturalization applicants must take and is reverting to the 2008-2009 version of the test. "USCIS determined the 2020 civics test development process, content, testing procedures, and implementation schedule may inadvertently create potential barriers to the naturalization process", the agency claims in the press release announcing the move.

Homeland Security announced Monday that it is canceling use of the new citizenship test the Trump administration developed and will go back to the test created in the Bush years.

"The new administration decided that the changes made under Trump's zero tolerance were only motivated to place artificial sanctions against new citizens", he added. Those who take the 2008 test will have to answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass. From March 1, instead of 128 questions will be asked from 100 questions that have been implemented since 2008. Many commented that there was no advance notice before the implementation of the 2020 civic test, which raised concerns about the limited time available for the study. "USCIS aspires to make the process as accessible as possible as directed by President Biden's request to review the process thoroughly", it said.

"It's clearly just an irrational politicization and animosity to anything that came out of the Trump administration", said Mr. Law, who is now director of regulatory affairs and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies. Those wanting to become American citizens need to demonstrate a basic understanding of English and pass a civics test. TOI had earlier reported that the 2020 civics test, introduced by the Trump regime, was overly complex and ideological.

He said activists at the time complained that his test was too tough and would keep people from passing.

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"The new civics test isn't just more hard for no apparent reason - it also contains straight-up errors", wrote Doug Rand, co-founder of Boundless Immigration and former immigration advisor to President Obama in December, when the changes were announced. He said "nearly everybody" involved in the 2008 version was still at the agency and worked on the new test, too.

The Trump-era test was supposed to be used by anyone who applied after December 1.

The Biden administration says people who have applied over the last two-and-a-half months, who presumably have been studying for the new test, will be able to choose whether to continue with that one, or to go back to the Bush test.

The civics test is administered to applicants who apply for USA citizenship through naturalisation and is one of the statutory requirements for naturalising.

Applicants who fail are given a chance for one retest. This undertaking was consistent with the historical practice of revising the civics test every 10 years, but anti-Trump alarmists alleged it was a nefarious attempt to shut down the legal immigration system. Applicants on or after March 1 will take the United States citizenship exam under the old 2008 exam system.

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