Covid 19 coronavirus: 'Hens entertainer' linked to outbreak in Queensland

Four new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases were reported

Four new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases were reported

Australia reported eight new locally acquired Covid-19 cases in Queensland on Tuesday (March 30) and authorities warned more could emerge as the state scrambles to quash an outbreak linked to the highly contagious United Kingdom variant of the coronavirus.

The cases linked to the doctor include two men in northern Brisbane, the brother of one of the men and two colleagues of the other man.

"The good news is that these cases are linked and we now believe that there are two distinct clusters", she said.

Both clusters are linked to frontline healthcare workers who worked at the Princess Alexandra Hospital when they were not vaccinated.

Queensland Police patrol Fortitude Valley after Brisbane went into lockdown on Monday afternoon.

Chief health officer Jeannette Young revealed there are two separate clusters that have been linked to two unlinked health officials. In total, Queensland reported 10 cases including two people in hotel quarantine.

It brings the number of active virus cases now being treated in Queensland hospitals to 78.

The Premier said they're now working with the Commonwealth to "respond to that aged care facility".

She says there are now two distinct clusters of the United Kingdom variant of COVID-19 in Greater Brisbane, which has been locked down for three-days to stem the spread. Even though both are from the PA Hospital, Dr Young said the two clusters are "unrelated".

"Keep your distance, wear a mask, don't shake hands, don't kiss".

The second cluster, now responsible for five infections, is linked to a nurse from the same hospital, who travelled to Byron Bay with her sister for what appears to be a hens' party.

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"So, after the nurse worked in the Covid ward".

"She did do a shift on the night of March 23".

"So, my hypothesis - and this all has to be tested, this all has to be checked out, this is very preliminary information - is that she has acquired the infection when at work that night".

The first cluster is linked to a PA Hospital doctor who tested positive on 12 March.

In NSW, people who have been in the lockdown area since 20 March are now subject to the same stay-at-home restrictions as Greater Brisbane.

A male entertainer at the party, who is also a tradie who lives on the Gold Coast, is one of five people from the hens celebration who have tested positive overnight.

A Queensland tradie who travelled to Byron Bay to attend a hens party as an entertainer returned to the Gold Coast and visited an aged-care facility while infected with Covid-19.

Dr Young said she would mandate that anyone working with COVID-19 patients has to have had their first vaccine dose.

The premier added the bachelorette party was at Byron Bay.

"The big question will be whether or not we see unlinked community transmission".

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