Forty-eight killed as train derails in Taiwan

India Expresses Grief Over Deadly Train Accident In Taiwan

India Expresses Grief Over Deadly Train Accident In Taiwan

"After the whole rescue work is completed, I believe I will take the responsibility", he said.

The accident occurred on Taiwan's eastern railway line around 9.30am (0130 GMT) near the coastal city of Hualien.

Passengers in some carriages still in the tunnel had to be led to safety, the railway administration said. Another U.S. citizen who was on the train was reported missing, according to a statement by Taiwan's Foreign Ministry.

In what is said to be the island's worst rail disaster in nearly four decades, an express train carrying 490 people on board derailed in a tunnel today.

"There was a construction vehicle that was not parked properly and slipped on the train tracks", Haiien County Police Chief Tsai Ding-hsien told reporters.

The train driver was among the dead, the fire department told the government's executive office, and at least 69 survivors were being treated in several hospitals in the surrounding Hualien County.

Rescue workers remove a part of the derailed train near Taroko Gorge in Hualien, Taiwan on Saturday.

The accident was the worst since 1991 when 30 passengers were killed and 112 injured after two trains collided in Miaoli.

Authorities earlier said 51 people had died before revising the figure down to 50.

The United Daily News newspaper ran a report on Sunday based on initial analysis from footage of the train recorder that showed the truck was on the line before the train went into the tunnel and no slowdown before impact. In the video, a man can be heard saying, "Our train hit the truck".

US Capitol: Two officers injured and building locked down
The forces were already on Capitol grounds, according to an announcement, but details were limited due to security concerns. The crash occurred about 91 metres from the entrance of the building on the Senate side of the Capitol.

Qingshui Tunnel, the accident happened at Qingshui Tunnel. "It's lucky that I was at the later carriage - I was at the fourth carriage".

"Is everyone out in carriage four?" a lady is heard shouting from inside the tunnel, in images provided by the fire department.

Pictures show cars destroyed by the impact and other parts of the train were dented, making it hard for rescuers to help the injured, although by mid-afternoon local time it was not 'there were more stranded passengers. At least 198 people were injured.

"We will definitely clarify the cause of the incident that has caused major casualties", she told reporters.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), which acts as the de facto USA embassy, also sent its deepest condolences to the victims, families, and communities impacted by the tragic derailment. It said 36 passengers "had no signs of life", and 44 others had been sent to hospital with injuries.

The crash came on the first day of the four-day Tomb Sweeping Festival, an annual religious holiday when people travel to their hometowns for family gatherings and to pay their respects at the graves of their ancestors.

Officials said almost 500 people were on the train - 372 seated and a further 120 standing in the aisles.

Taiwan is a mountainous island, and most of its 24 million people live in the flatlands along the northern and western coasts that are home to most of the island's farmland, biggest cities and high-tech industries.

Leaders of nearby countries extended their sympathies to the victims and offered assistance to Taiwanese authorities.

Due to the frequent earthquakes rocking the island, Taiwan has rescue workers ready to respond and help disaster victims.

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