Irish expert doctor called back for rebuttal in Derek Chauvin trial

Derek Chauvin addresses the court for the first time

Derek Chauvin addresses the court for the first time

Mr Floyd died past year in an incident in which he was handcuffed by police with the officer's knee pressed on his neck.

Chauvin, 45, informed the court on the 14th day of trial that he would not testify, saying he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to take the stand. The defence has now rested and the court is adjourned until closing statements on Monday.

The most serious charge against the now-fired white officer, second-degree murder, carries up to 40 years in prison, though state guidelines call for about 12.

While the nine minutes and 29 seconds he knelt on Mr Floyd have been combed over by lawyers and experts, the man at the heart of the case has remained impassive and silent during almost three weeks of testimony with most of his face obscured by a face mask due to coronavirus restrictions.

Chauvin: "Not at this time I don't".

"Is this your decision not to testify?"

But testifying could have also given the jury the opportunity to look at his unmasked face and see or hear any remorse or sympathy he might feel.

The only time Mr Chauvin has been heard defending himself was when the jury listened to body-camera footage from the scene.

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Earlier yesterday, a retired forensic pathologist told former officer told the trial that Floyd died of a sudden heart rhythm problem due to his heart disease while being restrained by police.

Dr Fowler handled a case similar to Floyd's in Maryland in 2018, when a 19-year-old black man, Anton Black, died after three officers and a civilian pinned him for more than five minutes as they handcuffed him and shackled his legs.

Dr. Martin Tobin, an Irish pulmonologist and physician, was recalled today to the Derek Chauvin trial by prosecutor Jerry Blackwell to rebut the testimony of Dr. David Fowler, a defense medical expert witness.

Mr Floyd had high blood pressure and narrowed arteries, and fentanyl and methamphetamine were found in his system.

Mr Chauvin kneeled on Mr Floyd's neck even after the suspect drew his last breath.

The Prosecution sought further testimony from the expert witness in rebuttal after another witness yesterday testified that carbon monoxide may have played a role in the death of Mr Floyd. Dr. David Fowler says carbon monoxide poisoning is one of several factors that contributed to Floyd's death.

With the trial in session, Minneapolis has been bracing for a possible repeat of the protests and violence that broke out last spring over Mr Floyd's death.

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