Twitter Faceoff: US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan sparks debate

Mixed reactions from Utahns as Biden announces withdraw from Afghanistan

Mixed reactions from Utahns as Biden announces withdraw from Afghanistan

Now, after almost twenty years of a war that has been as bloody and futile as all those previous invasions and occupations, the last 3,500 US troops and their North Atlantic Treaty Organisation brothers-in-arms will be coming home from Afghanistan.

The top USA diplomat tried to reassure Ghani that despite the departure of USA troops, the United States would remain committed to Afghanistan, saying Washington will "intensify" its diplomacy to do "everything we can" to advance efforts to secure a peace agreement between Kabul and the insurgents. In announcing the withdrawal on Wednesday, Biden declared, "Bin Laden is dead and al-Qaida is degraded in Iraq and Afghanistan".

What Biden did not admit is that the United States and its allies, with all their money and firepower, were unable to vanquish the Taliban, who now control about half of Afghanistan and are positioned to control even more in the coming months without a ceasefire. It's never proved effective, not when we had 98,000 troops in Afghanistan and not when we're down to a few thousand. He is going against the advice of the US intelligence community and top Pentagon officials, including the head of the U.S.

There are several difficulties in navigating what amounts to an offshore counterterrorism strategy.

Sediq pointed out that the U.S. Relying exclusively on existing US bases in the Persian Gulf would be inadequate in terms of ferrying in quick reaction forces to strike high-value targets.

Briefing members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the worldwide threat assessment of the US, Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence said that the fighting in Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria has a direct implication on US forces, while tensions between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan remain a concern for the world. The United States was forced to leave the Karshi-Khanabad Air Base in Uzbekistan in 2005 after fallout over Uzbek security forces' crackdown on protesters that killed between 200 and 700 people, according to the United Nations.

"Some people think Afghanistan will fall into the hands of militants after the Americans withdraw", said Sayed Shaheer, a 20-year-old student at Kabul University, who has lived his entire life under the shadow of the American war there.

Schools Will Shift to Remote Learning After Spring Break
Child care for non-school-aged children remains unaffected; however, before and after school programs will close. Every other school will shift to remote learning when the kids head back to class on Monday April 19th.

Pakistan will continue to work together with the worldwide community in the efforts for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan, according to the statement.

"I'm concerned about us leaving a void in Afghanistan". Despite being granted access to bases in Pakistan, Islamabad has been a partner in name only. The US said the militants had been given shelter at the time by the Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan is a notoriously unreliable ally which demands a lot and delivers little, while its military and security services work at cross-purposes to USA interests throughout the region.

Biden is also coming under attack from Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Senator Mitch McConnell artfully slammed Biden's decision, accusing him of helping USA enemies "ring in the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by gift-wrapping the country and handing it right back to them". Pakistan's domestic population has demonstrated a strong anti-American streak. And Pakistan's close relationship with China means that Beijing could also have a say in what shape a USA presence in Pakistan might take.

The Taliban's sanctuaries in neighboring Pakistan also create an additional challenge for Afghan forces, Safi noted.

It is also unclear whether the United States will continue the war by providing airpower for the Afghan military and carrying out covert operations. And if the Taliban comes to dominate large swaths of Afghanistan militarily, it will become more hard to differentiate between the Taliban, al-Qaida and the Haqqani network. With a USA withdrawal from Afghanistan and the potential for a Taliban takeover of the country, the terrorist organization might have the opportunity to rebuild its network to the point where it could once again launch spectacular attacks on Western soil. But security vacuums resulting from the USA withdrawal could offer the group more operational flexibility. There have been no USA combat deaths since February 2020. The cell was being instructed by an ISIS operative in Afghanistan. "But in March 2020, the Trump administration abruptly stopped publishing U.S. Airpower Summaries, and the Biden administration has so far not published any either". But just because the United States has counterterrorism fatigue does not mean the threat will simply fade away.

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