Edwards on the Release of Videos from the Arrest of Ronald Greene

Edwards on the Release of Videos from the Arrest of Ronald Greene

Edwards on the Release of Videos from the Arrest of Ronald Greene

Seven police officers have been named in a wrongful death suit filed by Greene's family though one - Chris Hollingsworth - has since died. You can hear him talking to a fellow officer at. The release of the video comes as the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division investigates the incident. Green died on his way to the hospital, but police initially told his family that he had died by hitting a auto against a tree during the chase.

"Today, Louisiana State Police released all of the video footage in its possession from the arrest of Ronald Greene, a move which I strongly support".

In another video, obtained by CNN before its release by state police, a trooper, seemingly a supervisor, appears to praise the other troopers for how the handled they arrest.

On Friday, after two years of refusing to explain Greene's death and under mounting public pressure, the state police released all body camera footage related to Greene's arrest, despite the ongoing investigations. Lay on your belly!

Another trooper, Kory York, served a 50-hour suspension and is back on active duty.

York then kneels on Greene's back and tells him again, "You better lay on your f***** belly like I told you to!" He died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital, police said. "You see Greene drawing his legs up, and that may be because he can't freaking breathe".

Police-involved deaths have received intense scrutiny since the death a year ago of George Floyd in Minneapolis. "But we can not comment on any conduct of the officers involved, and we can not offer specifics of the investigation".

But a written police report later said Greene survived the crash and struggled with troopers trying to arrest him.

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An autopsy showed that Green had alcohol and cocaine in his system, suffered multiple injuries from the crash, as well as injuries from a physical struggle. It said an independent autopsy had found severe head injuries that were inconsistent with a vehicle crash.

One of three troopers named in the family's suit was suspended but returned to duty; another died in a vehicle crash just hours, the AP said, after he was told he was being fired in connection with the Greene case; and a third was arrested in February in a separate case involving excessive force. One of the officers tells him, "Yeah, yeah, that s-- hurts, doesn't it?"

Greene the screams out: "OK!"

"I'm your brother! I'm scared!"

Greene is then left moaning, facedown, for more than nine minutes while officers wipe blood from their hands.

Louisiana officials had for two years rebuffed repeated calls to release footage and details about what caused Greene's death after the chase, which began over an unspecified traffic violation.

That secrecy extended to the autopsy, which pathologists said was hindered by the State Police's failure to provide even the most routine documents relating to Greene's arrest, including police reports, collision details or emergency medical records.

Andrew Scott, a former police chief in Boca Raton, Florida, who testifies as an expert in the use of force, said Green's case is an example of "obstruction is the Achilles heel of law enforcement". "Let me see your f*****g hands m****rf****r". "They deliberately blocked the facts of this case and made it true".

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