Japan witnesses total eclipse of super moon

Super moon 2021

Super moon 2021

It was the first to coincide with a supermoon, referring to when a full moon passes particularly closes to the Earth amid its orbit and appears somewhat brighter and larger, since September 18, 2015.

"Interest has been high", said Andrew Jacobs, curator of astronomy at Sydney Observatory, who is hosting a Covid-safe viewing event with telescopes and expert speakers.

But so far no apocalyptic consequences have been recorded from these celestial shows and, assuming all goes well on Wednesday, the next Super Blood Moon is expected to take place in 2033.

Stargazers across the Pacific Rim will cast their eyes skyward on Wednesday night to witness a rare "Super Blood Moon", as the heavens align to bring an extra-spectacular lunar eclipse. The Earth would come across and block out the sun.

"These are all happening at the same time is not incredibly uncommon". Pretty cool, he reckons.

Sky gazers along the U.S. East Coast will be out of luck because the moon will be setting and the sun rising.

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He said it's hard to know ahead of time the exact color the moon will appear because it depends on the amount of dust in the atmosphere, global weather and other factors. The eclipse was due to take place in the early morning hours in western North America, with people in Alaska and Hawaii poised to get the best views.

"Europe and Africa and the Middle East are missing out completely, on this particular one".

In Hong Kong, Dickson Fu left work early to watch the eclipse from a seaside promenade in the Sai Kung neighborhood. And for those in places where the eclipse won't be visible, it will still possible to catch the action live online. Some hypothesized that the December 22, 2018, eruption of Anak Krakatau in Indonesia darkened the 2019 eclipse, since pollutants in Earth's atmosphere filter sunlight reaching the moon.

This Super Flower Moon will also feature the first total lunar eclipse in more than two years, during which the moon will pass through the Earth's shadow.

This eclipse was different because it happened during a "Super Moon" when the Moon passes a mere 360,000 kilometres (225,000 miles) from Earth.

The moon will be more than 220,000 miles (357,460 kilometers) away at its fullest.

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