Scotland, Wales and England election results

Votes from across Telford and Wrekin were counted overnight

Votes from across Telford and Wrekin were counted overnight

THE UK LABOUR party has lost the Hartlepool by-election, a constituency it has held for nearly 50 years.

Results from local council and mayoral elections also held on Thursday are expected throughout the weekend.

The Conservatives have secured an overall majority to take control of Dudley council.

Counting has begun after a day of elections that could have profound implications for the future of the United Kingdom and the Labour Party.

The prime minister described the early election results as "very encouraging".

"I hope we won't lose Hartlepool".

The "Super Thursday" regional and local elections could reshape the United Kingdom as pro-independence forces in Scotland, where voting for the devolved parliament was also held, bid to break away. There may be parish council elections or council by-elections where you are. Check your local council website for full details.

"My job as leader of the Labour Party is to rebuild our party, reconnect with the public, rebuild trust - that will take time", Starmer added.

Hartlepool has always had a Labour MP and held its majority in 2019, even as a lot of the "red wall" crumbled around it - but pre-election polls pointed towards a Tory win.

But early results from England on Friday showed that the Conservatives had won the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool in the north of the country, a deep blow to the opposition Labour Party and its leader Keir Starmer.

Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Sir Keir "needed to be given his chance". The Green Party gained 2 extra councillors, with the Conservatives and an independent candidate elected.

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He said there is a debate over whether the party can win back Leave-supporting, working class voters by "ignoring Brexit as it has done for the past 12 months".

Labour has controlled the seat for some 47 years, however, the seat has become increasingly contested since "Prince of Darkness" Peter Mandleson vacated the seat to become a European Commissioner in 2004.

In Sandwell, voter turnout was up by 5% from 2019, with 29.5% of eligible residents heading to the polls and the Conservatives made gains in eight of the 27 seats up for grabs.

Conservative Party co-chair Amanda Milling denied that the party had given up on winning in metropolitan areas such as London, however. "I know that every vote has to be earned", Sir Keir told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

In Scotland, the results will give an indication of the public level of support for a second independence referendum, as proposed by the SNP.

The future of the Labour Party and the state of the union are two of the main issues at play.

Results for the 60 seats in the Welsh Senedd are due later on Friday.

Ahead of the official results in Hartlepool, a giant inflatable Johnson appeared outside the building where the vote count was taking place.

Although Labour is expected to hold on to the mayoralties of London and Greater Manchester, the next 48 hours of election results are likely to confirm the daunting scale of that challenge.

It could be Sunday night before England's local election results are declared and the police and crime commissioners votes may not be declared until Monday night.

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