Three arrested over deadly Italy cable auto crash as investigation finds fault

Three arrested over deadly Italy cable auto crash as investigation finds fault

Three arrested over deadly Italy cable auto crash as investigation finds fault

Italian police on Wednesday arrested three managers from the operator of a cable vehicle that crashed into a mountain killing 14 people, accusing them of deliberately disabling the emergency brake. But she said that the intentional deactivation of the brake, done several times over recent weeks for a persistent problem, prevented the brake from doing its job when the cable snapped.

Luca Geminale, Captain of the Carabinieri police in the city of Verbania, said that in order to get around problems with the cable auto mechanism, the three men had made use of a device that stopped the emergency brake from working.

They have said the emergency brake on the supporting cable did not engage, which sent the cabin reeling back down the line until it pulled off, crashed to the ground and rolled over down the mountainside until it came to rest against some trees.

Lieutenant colonel Alberto Cicognani told broadcaster RAI that the three had deactivated the emergency brake, which had been kicking in repeatedly and preventing the service from operating as it should.

The patchwork repair had been done several weeks ago as a temporary fix to prevent further service interruptions in the cable auto line taking sightseers to the top of the Mottarone peak overlooking Lake Maggiore. "To prevent the cabin from halting during the transport of passengers, they chose to not remove the dispositive that blocked the emergency brake".

The three suspects are accused of deliberately deactivating the brake that could have stopped the auto flying backwards when the cable snapped, to avoid delays following a malfunction.

Italian law enforcement agencies have detained three persons after lengthy interrogations in connection with the case launched after a cable auto crash in the northern Piedmont region that resulted in 14 fatalities, RaiNews24 reported on Wednesday.

Bossi told reporters that investigators believed the stop-gap measure was used with "the full knowledge" of the cable auto company owners.

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ABC News said the investigation was continuing, but the mayor of the home town of one of the victims, Serena Cosentino, announced that the city would pursue legal action against those responsible.

"The news unfortunately is showing a broad plane of responsibility and omissive guilt", Diamonte Mayor Ernesto Magorno said in a statement.

Officials at Turin's Regina Margherita children's hospital have said they plan to begin waking Eitan up from sedation on Tuesday after he underwent surgery and an MRI, which showed no brain damage.

Biran suffered several broken bones in the crash. An aunt who was not in the cable vehicle is with him at the hospital, the United States broadcaster wrote.

The Biran family had been living in Italy.

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