Apple's iOS 15 Updates to Facetime Puts Zoom and Teams on Notice

Widgets on the home screen in iPadOS 15

Widgets on the home screen in iPadOS 15

To further connect users, the company has also introduced what it is calling SharePlay.

The annual Apple developer conference, WWDC 2021, kicks off today. Apple will also bring a portrait mode feature to FaceTime, which adds a blurred background and puts the focus on the subject.

Apple iOS 15 will bring improved video call quality by adding spatial Audio, which spreads out the voices of other call participants in the direction that they appear on the user's screen.

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Those group calls are about to get a little more fun. The down side is that it seems like you'll still need to use an Apple device to start or schedule a FaceTime call. "Apple does not have access to this information when a user chooses to share it with a loved one or doctor", the company says. Apple says that at launch, multiple apps will work with SharePlay such as Disney+, Hulu, TikTok, NBA, ESPN+, Twitch, PlutoTV, and several others.

Now Apple will bundle notifications - except for messages - in one notification summary that will be delivered whenever you decide you want to see it. If you have DND turned on and someone messages you, they'll receive a reminder saying that you're busy at the moment.

If using your iPhone becomes overwhelming due to the constant barrage of notifications from all the work and personal apps you use, iOS 15 will likely be a game-changer. The feature will let you mute your device's notification alerts based on what you're doing at the time. For instance, if you're working and have the work profile for Focus turned on, you will only receive work-related notifications on your phone. Your iPhone will also let your contacts know when you have Do Not Disturb activated in Focus, so they know you're not avoiding them - and they'll still be able to send a message through if it's important. The public release of iOS 15 will come this fall.

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