Belgian court gives AstraZeneca partial win in vaccines dispute with Commission

Quebec reported 161 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday

Quebec reported 161 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday

Weeks said, noting he took what was offered at the time.

Lawyers for the European Commission said that they won on "principle", while AstraZeneca highlighted that the court had dismissed E.U. demands over deliveries and acknowledged difficulties the company faced in an "unprecedented situation".

"Since NACI first looked at mixed vaccine schedules, new evidence is starting to emerge suggesting immune responses are better when a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is followed by an mRNA vaccine as a second dose", said NACI vice-chair Dr. Shelley Deeks, in the new guidance documents.

From the beginning, the Commission has claimed that it launched the emergency legal procedure, which started at the Brussels Court of First Instance last month, simply to secure the vaccine doses that European Union member countries were promised.

"If you had Moderna or Pfizer for your first dose, you can safely take either Moderna or Pfizer for your second dose for strong protection".

Nonetheless, pharmacists said many of their customers with AstraZeneca appointments were now unsure of what to do. He said those who are skeptical about vaccines should talk to their family doctor, or family and friends who have gotten theirs.

"I am constantly having to change my planning and my staffing and my scheduling", he said, adding that vaccine messaging should be as consistent as possible. AstraZeneca is the vaccine workhorse in the United Kingdom and Australia, but has been associated with more deaths per capita than the mRNA vaccines.

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While, in theory, the decision creates an opening for a plaintiff who can show standing, Jost sees that as very unlikely. Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch were the only members of the nine-person court who dissented.

"If the supply doesn't catch up, then it puts the pharmacists in a really tough spot to be able to accommodate everybody", he said.

The announcement caused some confusion among vaccine recipients, including those who had recently received their second dose of AstraZeneca, though officials stressed that the vaccine remains safe and effective.

Australia's media said this was the advice of chief medical officer Paul Jelly this week, after two women died from an extremely rare blood clotting disorder and 60 Australians out of the 3.8 million who got the shot developed blood clots.

As of Friday, Saskatchewan still has 9,741 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Ontario has administered more than 12.1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines so far and is further expanding second-dose eligibility next week.

The province also reported 1,389 active cases of COVID-19 on Friday, along with one additional death.

WATCH | Saskatoon ICU doctor describes the regret of dying COVID-19 patient who didn't get vaccinated Dr. Hassan Masri, an ICU specialist based in Saskatoon, said one patient who ended up dying from COVID-19 was regretful for not getting vaccinated against the virus.

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