Pentagon UFO report 'doesn't rule out aliens' - although finds no evidence

Former US President Barack Obama said there really are UFO sightings that the government can't explain

Former US President Barack Obama said there really are UFO sightings that the government can't explain

In April, it confirmed that footage of a triangular UFO shared online was real and had been taken by the US Navy. But, as the Times reports, that's expected to be the only conclusive finding.

While UFO experts have applauded recent moves by the United States government to share more information about unknown aerial encounters reported over the last several decades, many remain sceptical that the upcoming report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other agencies will provide a comprehensive look at the issue. Officials say the objects' ability to accelerate and submerge remains mysterious.

The New York Times claims that senior White House officials have been briefed on the findings of the report, which is due to be released to Congress later this month. It was officially shut down in 2012 when the money dried up, according to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon a year ago released videos taken by US Navy pilots showing in-flight encounters with the unusual aircraft. In 2019, the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the videos, which it said showed "unexplained aerial phenomena".

American intelligence officials have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years are alien spacecraft, but they still can not explain the unusual movements that have mystified scientists and the military, according to senior administration officials briefed on the findings of a highly anticipated government report. But it also can not rule out the possibility that they are alien spacecraft.

Former US President Barack Obama said that if the Pentagon dossier confirms the existence of extraterrestrial life, it would challenge belief systems across the globe. The report also examined incidents involving foreign militaries over the last two decades. And who knows what kind of arguments we get into.

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An unidentified flying object shown in a photo captured by US Navy pilots. The goal, officials said, is to give authorities a better idea of what might be out there.

The former president recently spoke on the upcoming report, saying the government has videos of objects that officials struggle to explain.

The US Defence Department has long resisted releasing details about UFO sightings but will this month release a report.

And though the report does not provide any evidence the crafts-which have been seen to fly at unimaginable speeds and operate in both the air and underwater-are of alien origin, the report does not rule that scenario out completely.

"It's certainly not sufficient time to provide a comprehensive, government-wide report that Congress not only expects, but that Congress deserves and frankly, so does the American people", said Lue Elizondo, who investigated UFOs at the Pentagon until 2017.

Reports say the dossier will be released in the coming days or at the end of June. As mentioned earlier, some officials say, however, that it will likely be delayed or even scrapped altogether.

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