Trump's Ex-Advisor Tells QAnon Supporters US Should Have Coup Like Myanmar

39;Playing with napalm': International relations scholar buries Mike Flynn's call for Myanmar-style coup in US

39;Playing with napalm': International relations scholar buries Mike Flynn's call for Myanmar-style coup in US

At the For God and Country Patriot Roundup rally on Saturday, former Trump election lawyer Sidney Powell said Trump could "simply be reinstated", which was reportedly met with cheers.

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who worked briefly under former President Donald Trump, said Monday that there was "NO reason" for a military coup in the United States - one day after he appeared to suggest the opposite at a QAnon-themed convention over the weekend. He is the twin brother of Alexander Bindman, an important witness in Trump's Ukrainian bullet each trial.

"Peaceful pro-democracy street demonstrations and work stoppages have given way to paramilitary operations in opposition to the country's ruthless military, which seized power in a coup d'état on February 1".

Military chief Min Aung Hlaing was installed as the country's leader with the junta killing hundreds of civilians.

Some used social media to blame Flynn's remarks.

"Hello, SecDef! Can a court martial?" Call him back to duty and then dishonorably discharge him. "My taxpayer's money should not be paid for his benefit".

'Wow. It don't get much more traitory than this, ' added another.

"Why isn't Michael Flynn behind the prison to foster a rebellious rebellion against the United States?"

Rhode Island native General Michael Flynn. Surely treasonous words are not covered by Trump's pardon, ' asked Muriel Burrows. This should be done as soon as possible.

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He faced up to 15 years of jail on charges of organising mass unrest. "We think that he may be in hospital", he told AFP. He had been charged in absentia with staging mass riots and fanning social hatred.

And he added: "I think Mike Flynn has a mental health problem, to be blunt".

'Michael Flynn is clearly an enemy of the USA. On this memorable day, arrest this non-American traitor and pay tribute to the veterans.

'Minimar? sounds like dude has been spending too much time at the minibar, ' joked one Twitter user who noticed Flynn's mispronunciation.

"Military leaders' initially restrained response to the first waves of protests, civil disobedience and general strikes has grown more forceful over time, escalating into a brutal effort to put down the movement that has so far left thousands injured and more than 600 dead", the NYT continued.

Another user wants to be prosecuted under Title 18 of the United States Code, 18th, 18th, 2385, 18th, 2385.

'FBI please arrest this man.

This stunning bit of news comes from New York Times's award-winning reporter Maggie Haberman and comes after a weekend in which a number of Trump's most notable "stolen election" toadies have amplified narratives of coups and an unconstitutional return to the White House.

One interview aired on CNN showed Trump supporters advocating for a military coup to take over and "redo" the election, remove "puppet president" Joe Biden and hold a new inauguration for Trump. Flynn's conviction that he lied to the FBI during a Russian investigation was dispelled after the president's pardon.

Vindman is the twin brother of Alexander Vindman, the retired Army lieutenant colonel who came to prominence in 2019 after testifying before Congress about Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

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