Woman Fights Off Crocodile That Attacked Twin Sister

Melissa and Georgia Laurie

Melissa and Georgia Laurie

Backpackers Melissa Laurie, 28, and twin sister Georgia Laurie, from Berkshire, UK, were on a night tour on Manialtepec Lagoon to view the spectacle of bioluminescence in the water.

"Luckily, her super-badass twin sister was there to punch it repeatedly - as it came back about three times - to try and save her". Georgia is being treated for wounds to her hands and Melissa has been placed in a medically induced coma to prevent her injuries becoming infected.

Hana says Melissa was thrown about like a "rag doll" by the reptile. She would later develop sepsis from her ruptured intestine. She could hear other members of the tour group but not did not hear anything from her sister.

For now, she just wants a chance to recover from their horrific ordeal, and to breathe again after nearly being dragged under for good.

Lalo took me to the site where the attack happened and explained that properly-trained boatmen like him are anxious that the irresponsible actions of a rogue guide could harm their business. "She's just as strong as (Georgia)". She's doing really much better.

Since being discharged, Georgia has been able to see her twin sister for the first time since the attack.

Their mother Sue said: 'Melissa is off the intubation.

Speaking about Georgia's heroics, she said: "She was very courageous". We're all really really proud of her.

She added: "I would like to point out she's not a brawling type, normally".

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The guide - apparently a German national who was not registered with the tourism authority and has since fled - insisted it was safe to swim.

"So the communication is hard because of the time difference and getting any information out of them because they weren't very well".

A GoFundMe page set up by Hana to raise money to help cover medical costs for the twins has raised almost £38,000.

"We're still not out the woods - we're hoping that she has saved her life", she added. However, Georgia did not give up and kept punching the crocodile with all her might.

"Mel is very bruised, has two black eyes and deep cuts to her face, torso and leg where the crocodile has bitten and scratched her".

"People's generosity has not gone unnoticed but we want to make sure that we do the right thing".

Dad Sean told the Daily Mail, Georgia, a diver who has life-saving experience, found Melissa face-down in the water several minutes later.

'We hear that the sisters went into the water through the weeds and it was there that one of the girls was attacked by the crocodile'. "She kept punching it in the head".

"It has since transpired that this guide was known locally to be operating in an unlicensed and illegal way, but since is nowhere to be found".

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