At Hilltop Monitor, we aim to empower families to access affordable higher education opportunities.

We aim to provide the information and resources needed to understand in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities nationwide.

College affordability is a mounting concern for families nationwide. Tuition and fees have become prohibitively expensive, saddling students with decades of debt. Out-of-state tuition rates compound this issue, often doubling or tripling the cost of attendance. Unfortunately, complex residency requirements create barriers for families accessing more affordable in-state rates.

Hilltop Monitor exists to help families overcome these barriers. Our team of experts tracks the latest state regulations around residency requirements. We translate convoluted legal jargon into clear, actionable guidance that families can follow. While the number of states that make in-state qualification attainable is limited, information is essential, especially in parents’ relocation situations.

We emphasize doing things properly and legally within the letter of the law. Our goal is to level the playing field, not exploit loopholes. We want to open access to an affordable education for as many students as possible.

Our Team

Roger Neustadt and Ryan Fealey founded Hilltop Monitor.

Roger K. Neustadt

Mr. Neustadt received a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Columbia University in 1988 and a law degree from Emory University School of Law in 1993. He was managing partner of Goodman and Neustadt, a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, that specialized in creditors’ rights (i.e., bankruptcy, foreclosure, and collections). The firm represented large national creditors, including Sears, Roebuck & Co., GE Capital Leasing, and Discover Card. Mr. Neustadt also closed over 1,000 commercial and residential mortgage loans while practicing law. From there, Roger was recruited to become the Chief Operating Officer of one of his clients, Oliphant Financial Corporation, a mid-sized debt-purchasing entity. After leading Oliphant to profitability, Mr. Neustadt joined Collins Financial Services in Texas as General Counsel.

Mr. Neustadt is the founder and CEO of several companies that purchase and manage portfolios of charged-off consumer credit, including Gemini Capital Group, LLC (“Gemini”). Gemini was financed for over ten years by a revolving line of credit from a National Bank of Canada subsidiary. That line allowed Gemini to purchase consumer debt accounts with a face value of over $540 million. In addition, Mr. Neustadt is CEO of GW Realty, LLC, a real estate management firm that acquired more than 70 single-family properties in Georgia via tax deed auction.

Roger is married with three children, one attending the University of Texas at Austin.

Ryan Fealey

Mr. Fealey has worked with Roger Neustadt since 2008 as VP of Operations & Finance of Taurus Alternative Strategies, LLC and affiliated entities. Mr. Fealey has extensive experience with financial modeling and forecasting and managing investor capital accounts, lender relationships, and equity waterfalls.

Previously, Mr. Fealey was General Manager of several commercial real estate properties in New York City for Regus, including 590 Madison Avenue, 245 Park Avenue, and The Chrysler Building.

Mr. Fealey received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the College of the Holy Cross in 2002, a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2005, and a Master of Business Administration from Marist College in 2012. He has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and holds an FPAC (Financial Planning and Analysis Certification) from the Association for Financial Professionals.