College life is a juggling act. You’re trying to balance classes, homework, social life, and maybe even a part-time job. It feels like there’s never enough time in the day, right? The good news is that there are tools out there designed to help. What are the best apps for college students?

Evernote, for example, is this nifty app that keeps your notes tidy and your brain clutter-free.

Our blog today walks you through the essential apps every college student needs to tackle academics head-on while keeping stress at arm’s length. From getting your ducks in a row with organization apps to breezing through study sessions with research tools – we’ve got you covered.

Ready for smoother sailing?

Organization and Productivity Apps

Keeping up with college life is like juggling, but organization and productivity apps make it feel like you’re only handling one ball. These tools are your secret weapon for smashing deadlines and staying on top of your game.


Notion is a game-changer for college students everywhere. It’s now freely available to volunteer student organizations worldwide. This app turns chaos into order, offering a central hub where you can easily manage all your academic tasks.

From setting reminders to creating detailed project plans, Notion has got your back. It shines in helping you keep track of everything from your daily to-do lists to complex class projects.

Beyond organizing, Notion excels at collaboration, too. Thanks to its robust features for managing files and scheduling tasks, you and your classmates can seamlessly work together on projects.

Need to share lecture notes or coordinate group study sessions? Notion makes it easy with powerful views, filters, and connections that ensure everyone stays on the same page. With additional features geared towards education planning under its education plan, mastering college life becomes less about struggling with sticky notes and more about streamlined success right in the palm of your hand.

Google Apps

best apps for college students

Google Apps make college life a breeze, especially for those juggling classes and extracurriculars. Google Calendar is a hit among students because it helps them keep track of their hectic schedules. It is one of the best apps for college students!

This handy app lets you organize your classes, meetings, and events in one place. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket! And let’s not forget about Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Docs; these tools are perfect for staying connected with classmates and working on group projects.

You can chat, share files, and edit documents together without breaking a sweat.

For teachers and students alike, Education Fundamentals (formerly Google Apps for Education) offers a gold mine of resources that streamline teaching and learning. Imagine grading assignments or organizing lecture notes without wanting to pull your hair out – that’s the magic of Google Docs.

Plus, integrating multimedia into presentations or research projects becomes second nature with Google Slides. Whether meeting deadlines or collaborating from miles away, these apps have your back every step of the way through college.


2Do is a top-tier productivity app for college students, making it on the list of essential mobile apps. It’s not just about keeping lists; this app transforms your chaotic schedule into something you can manage.

Picture organizing tasks like juggling oranges – 2Do is that friend who steps in and says, “Let me show you how.” With it, managing time becomes less of a maze and more of a straightforward path.

This app doesn’t play around with helping students stay on top of their game. Think of academic success as a puzzle; 2Do provides the pieces needed to complete the picture easily.

From simple reminders to detailed project management, it’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket. College life throws curveballs, but with 2Do, you’re ready to catch them all and throw them right back!


Forest app turns your focus into a game. Plant virtual trees while you work and watch them grow as long as you don’t touch your phone. This clever method makes it fun to avoid distractions and stick to tasks like homework or emails.

It’s perfect for college students who need to hunker down and focus but find their phones too tempting.

Available on both PC and mobile devices, Forest offers flexibility wherever you study. Encouraging users to put down their phones helps them efficiently tackle assignments or respond to important messages.

Plus, seeing a forest full of trees by the end of your study session is a rewarding way to visualize your hard work and dedication.

Study and Research Apps

Ace your classes and tackle research papers like a boss with these must-have study and research apps. Keep reading to make the grade without breaking a sweat!


Quizlet shines as a top pick for college students aiming to boost their grades. Half of all high school students use it, making its transition into college life a breeze for many. This free app gets funded through ads and premium subscriptions, offering more than just basic features.

Students can access flashcards, practice tests, and other tools to make learning easier and more effective.

With 90% of users applauding Quizlet as one of the best apps for college students and studying, its reputation speaks volumes. It supports many subjects and courses, ensuring that almost any student can find something useful.

From mastering difficult theories to prepping for exams, Quizlet provides an interactive way to enhance study sessions without breaking the bank or overwhelming learners with complexity.


Grammarly acts as a personal writing coach for students. It offers real-time feedback on assignments, ensuring every comma and period is right. The tool isn’t just about fixing errors; it’s about helping you become a better writer.

Whether you’re working on Google Documents or emailing your professor, Grammarly’s got your back across more than 500,000 workplace tools.

This app uses smart tech developed by top linguists and researchers. They use machine learning to improve your writing over time. Studies show it can make your work grammatically accurate and richer in vocabulary.

Ongoing research suggests that using Grammarly might even boost self-directed writing learning. So, consider Grammarly your secret weapon if you aim to ace those papers with less stress.

Khan Academy

Regardless of age, Khan Academy is your go-to for a free, top-notch education. It’s like having a personal tutor without the hefty price tag. With engaging videos and many practice exercises, you’ll master subjects at your own pace.

Whether math, science, or humanities, they’ve got you covered from kindergarten through college.

Students love using this platform because it makes learning feel less like a chore and more like an adventure. The personalized dashboard tracks your progress and suggests what to study next, ensuring you’re always on top of your game.

Plus, with evidence showing that Khan Academy boosts learning outcomes beyond expectations, it’s like hitting the educational jackpot. From distance learning to brushing up on concepts for exams, consider this app your secret weapon in acing those classes.


Coursera brings the classroom to your screen with online courses from universities like Yale and Stanford. Since 2012, it has offered a way for students to gain new skills or earn degrees and certificates.

Picture logging into a digital campus where learning knows no bounds. You get access to tons of subjects right at your fingertips.

It’s not just about watching lectures on your smartphone; Coursera turns you into an active learner in the digital age. With courses that match the demand for online education, it helps pave the way for career growth.

Universities use Coursera to keep their curriculum relevant and job-focused, ensuring students are ready for what comes next after college.

Health and Wellness Apps

best apps for college students

Keeping your body and mind in top shape is just as crucial as acing those exams. Health and wellness apps are your pocket-sized personal trainers and therapists, helping you find balance amidst the chaos of college life.


Headspace teaches mindfulness and meditation in minutes. It’s like a gym for your mind, helping college students find calm, sleep better, and stress less. With easy-to-follow guided meditations, you can start feeling more focused after just a few sessions.

Think of it as that cool friend who can untangle your thoughts.

This app isn’t just about sitting still with your eyes closed. Headspace offers features tailored for every part of your day, including sleep sounds and focus music. It’s recognized as one of the top mental health apps because it understands what students go through.

Plus, giving it a spin with a two-week free trial won’t cost you a dime but could add value to your well-being journey.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a powerhouse for anyone trying to keep track of their eating and exercise habits. With a massive database of 14 million foods, finding what you ate for lunch is a breeze.

Users rave about how it’s helped them make better food choices and even shed some pounds. It’s like having a dietitian in your pocket without the hefty fees.

This app isn’t just popular; it’s also backed by science. Thanks to a partnership with UCLA, My Fitness Pal digs deep into the nutrition and wellness world. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, this free app provides programs tailored to your goals.

And with high ratings across the board, it’s clear that users are finding success on their health journeys.

Financial Management Apps

Managing money in college feels like a tightrope walk. These apps turn it into a breezy stroll.


Mint makes managing money a breeze for college students. It’s a free app where you can easily track your finances, build savings, and chip away at debt. Developed by the creators of QuickBooks and TurboTax, Mint shines as a top-notch budgeting tool.

With its simple layout, students get handy financial education snippets and smart ways to manage their cash.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Intuit plans to shut down Mint on March 23, 2024. They suggest moving to Credit Karma for similar services. So, while it’s around, make the most of Mint’s features to keep your finances in tip-top shape during your college days.


Splitwise takes the headache out of sharing expenses. It’s a free app that lets college students easily split bills for things like rent, utilities, or pizza night. Just add an expense to the app, and it tells everyone how much they owe.

You can pay back using cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo. This makes settling up simple and stress-free.

This app isn’t just about paying bills and keeping friendships intact—no more awkward conversations about who owes what. Splitwise keeps track of everything from small group outings to big house expenses.

For college students living with roommates or constantly grouping up for projects, this tool is a game-changer in managing finances without any fuss.


Acorns turns your digital spare change into a growing investment. Picture tossing coins into a jar, but this time, the jar is an app on your phone. Every purchase you make can round up to the nearest dollar, with the extra pennies flowing straight into your investment account.

This way, saving feels like a breeze rather than a chore.

This app stands out for college students who might think they’re too strapped for cash to start investing. With Acorns, you don’t need stacks of dollars to enter the stock market game.

Just link your card and watch how those small amounts pile up over time into something much bigger. It’s like planting an oak tree from an acorn in your financial garden!

Safety and Campus Life Apps

Safety and Campus Life Apps keep you secure and connected, making college life a breeze. Dive into the world of these apps to make your campus experience safe and fun!


Smartwatcher turns your iPhone or Android into a guardian angel. It keeps college students safe when walking back from classes at night. This app lets you send out an SOS to friends, family, and even the local police with just a few taps.

You control who gets alerted in emergencies, making sure help is always close by.

This safety tool also tackles privacy concerns during tough times like the coronavirus pandemic. Police departments on campuses are starting to use apps like Smartwatcher more often.

They want to ensure students can easily reach out if they need help. This is becoming a part of how they keep everyone safe at school.


Steppingblocks is like a GPS for your career after college. It uses data to show you the best paths to reach your job goals. Think of it as having a smart assistant that tells you which skills are hot in the market and which companies might want to hire you.

This app has become a big deal at colleges, especially with folks who help students get ready for life after graduation.

This platform creates a space where students, schools, and businesses can all come together confidently. Imagine knowing exactly what steps to take during and after college to land your dream job.

That’s what Steppingblocks does. It helps clear up the fog around choosing careers by offering insights based on real data about jobs and industries.


Unidays turns shopping into a bonanza for college students. With over 13 million users, this app dishes out exclusive deals straight from top brands. Forget about paying full price.

Unidays verifies your student status, and you’re in on the best discounts around.

This isn’t just about saving a few bucks here and there. Unidays connects you with offers that make every penny count, specifically tailored to the Gen Z crowd’s tastes and needs. No NUS cards are needed, just pure savings bliss for enrolled college students without the fuss of proving you’re studying over and over again.

Google Lens

Google Lens is like having a smart buddy in your pocket that knows about everything you point it at. It uses AI to recognize objects and places through your phone’s camera, making campus life a breeze.

Can’t find your way to the library? Just whip out Google Lens, and it’ll guide you there. If you stumble upon an interesting plant or historical building on campus, Google Lens can also dish out fun facts about them.

This app isn’t just for kicks; it’s also super useful for studying. Imagine pointing your phone at a textbook diagram and getting instant explanations or related videos. That’s Google Lens saving the day during study sessions.

It even steps up for healthcare by identifying skin conditions with a quick scan—talk about being handy! With its easy access beyond just photos or Assistant, this app fits right into the hustle of college life, making learning and exploring more exciting.

Student Discount Apps

Saving money just got easier with student discount apps. These handy tools put a ton of discounts and perks right at your fingertips. Think of it as your digital wallet’s best friend, ensuring you grab every deal, from food to fashion, without breaking the bank.

You hop on these apps, verify you’re a student, and presto – instant savings!

They turn online shopping into a treasure hunt for deals exclusive to college life. From grabbing a cheaper pizza to snagging discounts on those pricey textbooks, these apps have got your back.

And let’s not forget the tech gadgets and clothes! It’s like having VIP access to sales that only students can enter, making every dime stretch further in your university journey.

Final Thoughts

College life just got a breeze with these apps. Consider using Notion to keep your notes tidy or Headspace for those much-needed calm moments. Isn’t it great that Mint can watch over your budget while you focus on your studies? Imagine acing those quizzes with Quizlet’s help.

Try these tools and see how college becomes less of a puzzle and more of an adventure.


1. What apps can save my life in college?

Think of Google Drive as your digital backpack, Canvas Student as your guide through the jungle of assignments, and Zoom as the bridge connecting you to class from anywhere. Don’t forget AnkiMobile Flashcards; they’re like having a secret weapon for exams.

2. How do I not drown in PDFs?

A good PDF reader is your lifeboat here. It lets you mark up those endless readings without turning your room into a paper factory. And when it’s time to cite everything? Mendeley steps in like that friend who remembers everything.

3. Can apps help me manage my time, or am I doomed to pull all-nighters?

Fear not! Time management isn’t just a myth told by organized people. Apps like Google Sheets let you plan your study sessions without breaking a sweat, leaving more time for those sweet student discounts on coffee.

4. Are there any tools that make group projects less of a headache?

Imagine Microsoft Teams and Google Docs holding hands, making collaboration less about herding cats and more about seamlessly bringing great minds together—even if one teammate is practically living on Mars.

5. Is there an easy way to learn another language without feeling like climbing Everest?

Duolingo swoops in like a superhero, turning language learning into bite-sized lessons that feel more like playing games than studying for yet another test. Before you know it, you’ll say “Gracias” or “Merci” without batting an eye.