State-by-State Rules

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Alabama In State Tuition: Understanding Eligibility & Residency
Qualifying for Alabama in-state tuition is fairly straightforward but requires one year of living in Alabama before enrolling. Otherwise, your chances are far lower. Medium difficulty
Alaska In State Tuition: Rules, Eligibility & Financial Aid
Alaska recently reduced its residency requirement from 24 to 12 months. The biggest limiting factor is that you must be able to show that you were absent from Alaska for no more than 90 days during that year. Then you can consider qualifying for Alaska in-state tuition. Difficult.
Arizona In State Tuition: Eligibility, Costs & Financial Aid
Requirements for Arizona in-state tuition are similar to many states, with one major exception. The law presumes that if you move to Arizona for educational purposes, you cannot become a resident while attending school. This is very difficult to overcome unless your parents move to AR. Very difficult.
Arkansas In State Tuition for Out-of-State Students: What You Need to Know
Confused about Arkansas in state tuition rules? We break down the eligibility criteria, application process, and potential savings. Get the facts here.
California In State Tuition: Understanding Residency & Eligibility
California makes it intentionally “very difficult” for a previously out-of-state student with parents who live outside the state to qualify for California in-state tuition. Presumptions are against you, and your evidence must be unequivocal. Very difficult.
Colorado In State Tuition: Understanding Residency Requirements
Unless you are truly financially dependent, qualifying for Colorado in-state tuition will be very difficult. If your parents contributed the money, you can’t even use savings in 529 plans. You must be “emancipated,” which means no parental support. Very difficult..
Connecticut In-State Tuition Guide: Eligibility & Costs
You are presumed to be a resident of the state of your parents if their income was considered when you applied for financial aid (including FAFSA). If you are truly independent financially, it is possible to qualify for Connecticut in-state tuition. Difficult.
Florida In State Tuition Guide: Residency is a Tough Sell
Florida does a good job of excluding students who resided out of state at the time of “initial enrollment” at an institute of higher education. If you are accepted into a Florida state school, defer for a year, and work full-time in Florida for that year while supporting yourself, you can qualify for Florida in-state tuition. Medium difficulty
Georgia In State Tuition: Eligibility & Application Guide
Generally, you must move to Georgia and work full-time for the twelve months before the semester for which you seek Georgia in-state tuition. You must also show financial independence on your and your parents’ tax returns. If you are already in school, the burden of proof will rise. Difficult.
Hawaii In-State Tuition Guide: Costs & Aid
This is another 12-month residency state but also has the qualification that presence for primarily educational purposes does not count. If you are not financially independent, for tax and support purposes, you are unlikely to pass the residency test for Hawaii in-state tuition. Difficult.
Idaho In-State Tuition Guide: Residency & Financial Aid
12-month residency requirement with the caveat that such residency cannot be for primarily educational purposes. If you move to Idaho and support yourself by working for a year before starting school, you have a good chance of qualifying for Idaho in state tuition. Difficult.
Illinois In-State Tuition: Rules & Eligibility Guide
You must show financial independence for at least 50% of your expenses, file an Illinois tax return, and not be claimed as a dependent by your parents. You will be presumed to be a non-resident if you move from out-of-state and immediately enroll in an institute of higher education. No Illinois in-state tuition for you! Very difficult.
Indiana In State Tuition: Understanding Eligibility & Costs
Very dry and clear cut. If you live out of state when you apply, you will not qualify for Indiana in-state tuition. Easy one, right? Very difficult
Iowa In State Tuition: Residency Requirements & Application Process
Qualification for Iowa in-state tuition is possible if you sacrifice 12 months. During that period, you can only attend school part-time and earn at least $18,441 while working in Iowa. You must be able to support yourself, file your tax return, and not be claimed as a dependent by your parents. Medium difficulty.
Kansas In-State Tuition Guide: Costs & Aid Strategies
To qualify for Kansas in-state tuition, you must live and work there for a year before starting college. Several roadblocks stand in your way otherwise. Medium difficulty
Kentucky In-State Tuition: Costs & Aid Breakdown
There are numerous presumptions against residency. In this state, you must spend a year living, working, and paying taxes before starting college to have a decent chance of qualifying for Kentucky in-state tuition. Difficult.
Louisiana In State Tuition Guide: Eligibility & Financial Aid
A 12-month residency requirement excludes any time you were enrolled in a college or university. That means you must live, work, vote, and pay taxes for a year before starting college to benefit from Louisiana in-state tuition. Medium difficulty
Maine In State Tuition: Qualification Criteria & Financial Aid
Classification occurs at the time of acceptance into a university. Once you move to Maine for college, your time there will not count toward the one-year residency requirement. Plan on moving and working for a full year as a Maine resident to qualify for Maine in-state tuition. Difficult.
Maryland In-State Tuition: Criteria & Aid Guide
There is a nine-part set of criteria to qualify for Maryland in-state tuition set forth specifically in the law. If you go home for the summer, you’ll have difficulty paying that attractive in-state tuition rate! Difficult.
Massachusetts In State Tuition: Understanding Residency Policies
Residency is not “difficult” per se if you can follow the rules and you can obtain Massachusetts in-state tuition. Unfortunately, that includes working a full year in Massachusetts before attending college. It's definitely a big sacrifice! Medium difficulty
Michigan In State Tuition: Eligibility & Residency Explained
Even taking a year off to move and work in Michigan may not be enough to qualify you for Michigan in-state tuition. The University of Michigan, for example, excludes owning property and filing Michigan taxes as qualifying factors. Difficult
Minnesota In State Tuition: Residency Requirements & Benefits
Residing in the state primarily for education does not qualify you for Minnesota in-state tuition. However, it may be worthwhile if you can work while attending school and fulfill several other requirements. Medium difficulty.
Mississippi In State Tuition: Eligibility, Costs & Financial Aid
If you are not yet 22 years old, it’s probably not worth trying to obtain Mississippi in-state tuition. Mississippi does all it can to exclude students who applied when out-of-state. Very difficult.
Missouri In State Tuition: Requirements, Benefits & More
To qualify for Missouri in-state tuition, you must convince the university that you are not in Missouri for primarily educational purposes. It is a difficult road unless you are financially independent so that it MAY be worth a try. Difficult
Montana In State Tuition: Qualifications & Costs
Discover how to qualify for Montana in state tuition and learn about the costs of attending college in Montana.
Nebraska In State Tuition: Residency, Programs & Financial Aid
Unfortunately, if you move to attend school, you will be presumed a non-resident for Nebraska in state tuition purposes. Of course, you have a chance if your parent(s) have moved to Nebraska. Difficult
Nevada In-State Tuition: Benefits & Aid Guide
On the surface, documentation requirements are not that stringent. The problem comes into play on the Nevada Residency Form, on which you must certify that you were a Nevada resident for the 12 months immediately before matriculation. Pretty much off the table for Nevada in state tuition unless you take a year off. Medium difficulty
New Hampshire In State Tuition: Exploring Eligibility and Costs
Not friendly at all. I can’t blame them, as they want those tuition dollars. You must reside in NH for a reason other than education to be considered for New Hampshire in-state tuition. Residency is determined at the time of admission. Difficult
New Jersey In-State Tuition Guide: Residency & Benefits
One of the higher-taxed states in the country, doesn’t make it easy to qualify for New Jersey in-state tuition. You must live in NJ for twelve months before enrollment to have any chance to show true financial independence if you are under 23 years old. Difficult
New Mexico In State Tuition: Residency, Costs & Petitioning
If you are willing to put in the effort, declare your financial independence, and ensure your parents do not claim you as a dependent, it’s possible to get New Mexico in-state tuition. You must follow all rules strictly and need to live in NM for twelve consecutive months. Contact us for help! Medium difficulty
New York In-State Tuition: Costs & Residency Explained
The Empire State does not make it easy to qualify for New York in-state tuition. As an undergrad, you will need to prove that you are financially independent and show your sources of income other than your parents. This is a difficult hurdle if you are attending school full-time. Difficult
North Carolina In-State Tuition: Eligibility & How to Apply
You must show that your move to the state was for reasons other than education. If that is the case, and you can meet the documentation requirements, it MAY be worth a shot, but the presumption will still be against you for North Carolina in-state tuition. Difficult
North Dakota In State Tuition: Understanding Costs & Financial Aid
If you want to qualify for North Dakota in-state tuition, don’t worry. The requirements are straightforward but cannot kick in until Sophomore year, at the earliest. You must still take a few required steps, which are very reasonable and we can help! Less difficult
Ohio In State Tuition: Understanding Qualifications & Costs
You must be able to prove complete financial independence and sources of income unrelated to your parents or any other state. This is not easy if you are also attending school. Ohio in state tuition is not an easy one! Difficult
Oklahoma In-State Tuition: Residency, Costs & Aid Guide
Attending school more than half-time disqualifies you from qualifying for Oklahoma in-state tuition and will not count toward the 12-month requirement. Medium difficulty
Oregon In State Tuition: Residency, Costs & Financial Aid Guide
You must live in OR for 12 months before qualifying for Oregon in-state tuition. During that year, you can take a maximum of eight credits, or that time will not count toward the time requirement. This is possible if you are willing to live there for a year and take minimal classes. Medium difficulty
Pennsylvania In-State Tuition: Costs & Eligibility Guide
If you are under 24, the presumption is that you reside with your parents, wherever that is. Otherwise, be prepared to take a gap year and fully support yourself with full-time work for a year in PA before starting school. Otherwise in state tuition is likely not in your future! Difficult
Rhode Island In-State Tuition Guide: Eligibility, Scholarships & Costs
You must be fully independent, including two years of tax independence, receive no meaningful financial support from parent(s), and have filed your FAFSA without parental income information to think about Rhode Island in-state tuition. Difficult
South Carolina In-State Tuition Guide: Eligibility & Discounts
If a parent(s) provides more than 50% of your support, you are deemed a resident of the state of the parent. If you earn more than 50% of your needed income, you can move on to the next level of requirements! Additionally, living in on-campus housing does not count toward the 12-month requirement. Taking a gap year and working full-time may not be enough for South Carolina in state tuition! Difficult
South Dakota In State Tuition: Eligibility & Rates
They aggressively court out-of-state students. The difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition is the lowest anywhere, just $5,000. Several neighboring states also benefit from reciprocity agreements. South Dakota in-state tuition is less difficult but less necessary!
Tennessee In State Tuition: Understanding Eligibility
Plan to move to TN for a year and work full-time before starting school for Tennessee in state tuition. You should also plan to earn enough to support yourself. If you are a dependent on your parent(s) tax return, it’s not even worth a try. Difficult
Texas In State Tuition 101: Everything You Need to Know
Learn how to qualify for Texas in-state tuition and save thousands on college costs. Discover residency requirements, deadlines, and expert tips.
Utah In-State Tuition Guide: Costs & Residency
The rules are straightforward. Reside in Utah for 12 consecutive months. The biggest limitation is that you cannot be absent from Utah for more than 29 days during the qualifying year, and detailed documentation is required. You must also show tax independence, making Utah in-state tuition complicated. Difficult
Vermont In State Tuition: Residency, Costs & Financial Aid
If you receive financial support from your family, the odds are stacked against you. You will also face problems qualifying for Vermont in state tuition if your primary reason for moving to VT is educational. Difficult
Virginia In State Tuition: Understanding Domicile Rules
Not an easy state, but if you can show that you receive no substantial financial support from your parents, it may be worth a look to see if you can meet the additional requirements for Virginia in-state tuition. Difficult
Washington In State Tuition: Residency Requirements & Financial Aid
The law states that you must establish a domicile for one year before classes start and be financially independent for Washington in-state tuition. Difficult
West Virginia In State Tuition: Residency, Aid & Savings
You must move, live, and work in-state for 12 months before classes start to obtain West Virginia in state tuition. You need to earn enough to support yourself and your presence in WV must also be continuous for 12 months. Difficult
Wisconsin In State Tuition: Understanding Criteria & Financial Aid
You must be a “bona fide” resident for Wisconsin in state tuition. That means residing there for 12 months before taking any classes. Remote work for a WI company won’t help. Other requirements also apply. Medium difficulty
Wyoming In State Tuition: Eligibility & Costs
If you take a gap year, work full-time, and meet 5 of the other 8 qualifications, it is possible to qualify for Wyoming in-state tuition, but it is definitely not easy. Medium difficulty